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Mitchel Tong, Stamperland


A great instructor, that was helpful and patient throughout my lessons. showing me how to pass my test 1st time!


Lucy Grimshaw, (Clarkston)


Would highly recommend Nick. Very patient and calm instructor. He is very encouraging and supportive.

Thanks Nick!


Jack Williamson, (Clarkston)


Nick provides a friendly approach to his driving tuition that is both informative and professional.


Katie Clark (Giffnock)


Nick was a very patient instructor, he really helped with building my confidence and passing... the first time!


Michael Hastie (Busby)


Thanks... its been a pleasure having you as a teacher. Good to have one that can make you laugh as well!!!


Scott​ McKnight


Nick is a great instructor and an amazing person. It's good that you can have a chat and a good laugh with him as well.


Logan Mcleod, (Eaglesham)

Suzanne Mowatt (Muirend)

Nick is a great teacher, very patient and kind. I felt safe and comfortable learning to drive with him and I now feel confident behind the wheel.

Learning to drive has been a pleasure and I have passed my test first try thanks to Nick. He has helped me become a confident driver and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive.


Qi Xiang Zhang, (Busby)


Nick is a great driving instructor with a thorough teaching method. Thanks to him I was able to pass my test first try


Simon Brown (Clarkston)


A great instructor. Patient and easy to learn from!  Thanks Nick!​


Jenny Mitchell, (Busby)​


Can't thank Nick enough for all his help and support. Lessons were always calm and enjoyable and he was always patient and understanding. Nick helped me to learn to drive but also helped me build my confidence. Can't recommend Nick enough to anyone doing lessons. Thank you Nick


Blair Arthur, (Giffnock)


Celeste Fernandez, (Clarkston)


Nick's course and way of teaching are brilliant. He gets you driving and comfortable with the car in the first couple of lessons, and from then on you are on the roads gaining experience of all kinds of driving situations, Nick also gives useful handouts for getting comfortable with procedures when driving and is a great instructor all round. Nick does a great job of making you feel comfortable when driving and is always contactable at the other end of a text.

Thanks a lot, Nick

So happy to have passed the first time with Nick Burns.

Such a great calm teacher I would recommend him to any learner driver.

Mia Ballantyne​​, (Eaglesham)


Nick is a great driving instructor, very patient and friendly. I learned a lot from our driving lessons and he helped build up my confidence on the roads, thanks so much for all your help, Nick!


Linda Kirk (Clarkston)


I am very grateful that I had Nick as a driving instructor, he was professional and extremely patient. Over the past year, Nick helped to build my confidence and skills allowing me to pass the first time. I would recommend Nick to anyone looking for a calm and reliable instructor!

Thank you so much, Nick!

Morven Welsh (Clarkston}


Nick is an excellent instructor,  very patient and kind. I would highly recommend Nick for a driving instructor who will allow you to learn well in a calm environment. I couldn't have had a better instructor... Thank you Nick


Chris Reilly (Clarkston)


Nick all throughout was a very good instructor. He was very calm whilst I was driving and helped me loads to pass my test. Couldn't recommend him enough. Thank you, Nick

Marco Rossini (Clarkston)


Thank you, Nick. Helping me practice to the point that I am at today, passing my driving test!

Nick deserves huge credit as without his support, I would be still learning and waiting to pass. Nick is an excellent driving instructor who I would recommend to anyone. 100% thanks again you're also a good friend.

Oliver McLaughlin (Giffnock)


I couldn't recommend Nick highly enough. He taught me to drive in a relatively short period of time and he was always patient. Nick taught me not just how to pass the test, but how to be a good driver in general. Thanks for everything Nick!

Juliet Adie (Carmunnock)


Really enjoyed my lessons with Nick, he's a great teacher and I would recommend him to anyone looking for driving lessons. He's really encouraging the whole way through and makes his lessons fun as well, couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor! Thanks for everything, Nick!

Ewan Ferguson (Stamperland)


Nick is a great driving instructor and teacher. He makes things so easy to understand and is very patient when you make mistakes no matter how many times I messed up...

Emily Felth (Williamwood)


Thanks so much to Nick, for helping me pass my driving test. I highly recommend Nick, if you are needing a good driving instructor. He helped me build up my confidence by explaining the procedures very clearly. Nick encouraged and supported me all the way to the finish line.

Paul Bready (Clarkston)


I was late coming to driving and had zero experience. The only tuition or practice I got was from Nick and managed to pass the first time.

It was always a very relaxed experience with Nick and he made sure to explain everything in detail before venturing on to any new aspect of driving. Thanks again, Nick!

Andrew Clark (Clarkston)


A great driving instructor and a nice person who helped me become a great confident driver. I would highly recommend him.

Ziyi Xie (Clarkston)


Nick is a very nice gentleman. Although I was very nervous, I felt very safe in the car with him. I'm so happy I've now passed my test!

Daniella Campbell (Stamperland)


Thanks so much, Nick for all the help in passing my test, calming my nerves and encouraging me all the way! I will miss the jokes and good banter. I highly recommend Nick if you are needing a good instructor who has patience and is a calming influence.

See you on the road... Beep! Beep!



Erin Duffy (Clarkston)

Nick was a great driving instructor. Really patient with me and tolerant of my occasional bad language! He helped keep me as calm as possible on the day of my test and his instruction helped me pass first time. Would definitely recommend!

Nathan Bruce
(Newton  Mearns)

Nick was a really good instructor for me. He was good at explaining, good at making me feel comfortable when I needed and genuinely just wants you to do well.

Ting Guo (Giffnock)

Thank you very much for teaching me how to drive. You have been so patient and supportive. I am so glad that I passed in the first attempt with only two minor faults. It has been such a great pleasure to work with you. You are an incredible instructor.

Shona McGibbon (Giffnock)

Nick was an amazing instructor, he was very patient and always helped me through situations step-by-step when I was struggling or nervous. I would definitely recommend him for learner drivers of any level.

Craig Young (Clarkston)

Classic Title

Nick's is a fantastic instructor to learn with, safe and easy going lessons. He makes learning to drive a pleasure and built my confidence for a pass by test time

 Based in Clarkston and covering all surrounding areas. Mount Florida, Kingspark, Carmunnock, Netherlee, Williamwood,

Busby, Giffnock, Waterfoot, Eaglesham, Newton Mearns

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